LED digital 7.8cm black sign frame (L)92.5″(235cm)

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  • The LED digital black sign frame measures 7.8cm in width and has a length of 92.5 inches (235cm), providing a large display area for captivating and informative content.
  • With its vibrant LED technology, this sign frame ensures bright and clear visibility, making it ideal for hightraffic areas or when viewed from a distance, enhancing its effectiveness in conveying important messages.
  • The sleek black color and professional aesthetic of this sign frame allow it to seamlessly blend into any environment, adding an elegant touch while drawing attention to the displayed content.
  • Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this sign frame showcases a modern design that maximizes impact, making it a standout choice for businesses, organizations, and settings where clear and concise communication is valued.
  • Overall, this LED digital black sign frame serves as a reliable and effective tool for conveying information, offering advanced technology and a size that guarantees engagement and visibility. It is an ideal solution for professional settings where concise and informative communication is essential.

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The LED digital black sign frame is 7.8cm wide and 92.5 inches long (235cm). It has a sleek design and vibrant display to captivate viewers. It is perfect for professional settings and conveys information in a concise and informative manner. The LED technology ensures clear visibility, making it suitable for high-traffic areas or at a distance. The frame's size and design maximize impact and draw attention to the displayed content. It blends seamlessly into any environment with its professional aesthetic and sleek black color. The LED display guarantees highly visible and engaging information. Overall, it is a reliable tool for conveying important messages in businesses, organizations, or any setting where clear communication is valued.
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