Indoor White bendable strip, (L)5m x(W)6mm, 12VDC/36Watt, 60pcs/2835 Leds/m, 22lm per Led, 6000-6500K Pure white

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  • The 36W Indoor White Bendable Strip offers an easy installation in various configurations, making it highly versatile for any indoor lighting needs.
  • With a low power consumption of 36 watts on 12VDC, this strip is highly energyefficient, helping to reduce electricity costs.
  • Featuring 60 pieces of 2835 LEDs per meter, the strip provides a bright and crisp light output of 22 lumens per LED, resulting in a total brightness of 1320 lumens per meter for ample illumination.
  • The pure white light emitted by this strip with a color temperature of 60006500K creates a clean and refreshing lighting experience, suitable for a wide range of indoor lighting applications.
  • Rest assured of its safety and reliability, as this indoor white bendable LED strip is UL Listed, meeting strict safety standards after rigorous testing and inspection.

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The 36W Indoor White Bendable Strip is a flexible and energy-efficient lighting option for indoor use. It is 5 meters long and 6mm wide, making installation easy in various configurations. With 60 LEDs per meter, each providing 22 lumens of bright light, this strip offers a total brightness of 1320 lumens per meter. It emits a pure white light with a color temperature of 6000-6500K, suitable for accent, task, or decorative lighting. The strip's bendable design allows for effortless installation in straight or curved setups. It is UL Listed, ensuring safety and reliability. Overall, this strip combines versatility, energy efficiency, and high-quality lighting output to deliver an exceptional indoor lighting solution.
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