Hot Press 16″x24″ 220V, timer, digital temp. control

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  • The Hot Press 16″x24″ 220V is a highly efficient and reliable heat press machine, perfect for professional use and various heating applications.
  • Its compact size of 16 inches by 24 inches and compatibility with 220V power supply make it an ideal choice for any workspace.
  • With a timer feature and digital temperature control, users have precise control over pressing duration and can easily set and monitor the desired temperature.
  • Built with durability and longevity in mind, this hot press guarantees extended usage without compromising performance.
  • Whether you are a small business owner or a creative professional, the Hot Press 16″x24″ 220V combines highperformance capabilities with userfriendly features, making it a valuable addition to any workspace.

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The Hot Press 16"x24" 220V is a compact and efficient heat press machine designed for professional use. It has a timer feature for precise control over pressing duration and digital temperature control for easy temperature setting. It is durable and user-friendly, making it suitable for small business owners and creative professionals.
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