G Series LED Track Light, 12W, 6000K, 70*90mm, white casing

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  • The G Series LED Track Light offers exceptional performance with a power output of 12W, providing ample illumination for various indoor spaces.
  • Emitting a cool and crisp 6000K white light, this track light creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.
  • Designed with dimensions of 70*90mm, this compact and sleek track light seamlessly blends into any setting, adding a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetics of the space.
  • Featuring advanced LED technology, this track light ensures energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption and saving costs in the long run. It also reduces environmental impact by producing less heat and containing no harmful substances like mercury.
  • The G Series LED Track Light is highly versatile, allowing easy adjustment to direct the light precisely where it is needed. Whether highlighting artwork, accentuating architectural features, or illuminating workspaces, it provides maximum flexibility in lighting design while delivering outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and style.

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The G Series LED Track Light is a 12W lighting solution that provides ample illumination with a cool white light. Its compact design makes it suitable for residential and commercial applications, adding an elegant touch to any space. This track light is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and highly versatile in directing light. Overall, it offers outstanding performance, energy efficiency, and style.
Color Temperature,,,,
Finish ColorWhite

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