Frosted lens for ETL-G Series 150W UFO Highbay


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  • The Frosted Lens designed for the 9HBU150ETLG model provides a powerful and efficient lighting solution for various commercial and industrial applications.
  • With its exceptional level of brightness and even light dispersion, this lens guarantees maximum visibility and clarity in large spaces such as warehouses, workshops, and stadiums.
  • Constructed from durable materials, this Frosted Lens is built to withstand tough conditions and extended usage, combining functionality with sophisticated aesthetics.
  • The ETLG certification ensures that this lens meets rigorous safety and quality standards, assuring users of its reliable performance and adherence to industry regulations.
  • For anyone seeking a professional and concise lighting description, the Frosted Lens for the 9HBU150ETLG model offers a stylish and trustworthy lighting solution, backed by its 150W power rating and ETLG certification.

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The Frosted Lens for the ETL-G Series UFO Highbay is designed for the 9-HB-U150-ETL-G model. It provides bright and even illumination for commercial and industrial spaces. The lens is durable and has a frosted design for aesthetics. It is also ETL-G certified, ensuring safety and quality. Overall, it is a powerful and stylish lighting solution.
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