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  • The 9.6W Seal Flex LED Light Strip 3500K is a highquality lighting solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing versatility and flexibility in your lighting projects.
  • With 120 LEDs per meter and a total of 600 LEDs, this strip offers a bright and even illumination, ensuring maximum brightness without compromising energy efficiency.
  • Operating on 12 volts DC, this light strip consumes only 9.6 watts per meter, making it an energyefficient choice that can help reduce electricity costs while maintaining optimal lighting performance.
  • Measuring at just 10x3mm, the compact size of this LED strip allows for easy installation in tight spaces where traditional lighting fixtures may not fit, making it a practical choice for various lighting needs.
  • With its warm white light, the 9.6W Seal Flex LED Light Strip 3500K creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making it perfect for enhancing the ambiance of any space, highlighting architectural features, or adding elegance to outdoor landscapes. Its superior performance and durability ensure a reliable lighting solution that will last for years to come.

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The 9.6W Seal Flex LED Light Strip 3500K is a high-quality lighting solution suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is 5 meters long with 120 LEDs per meter, totaling 600 LEDs. Operating on 12 volts DC, it consumes 9.6 watts per meter, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising brightness. Emitting warm white light, it creates a cozy atmosphere. Its compact size (10x3mm) allows for easy installation in tight spaces. It is versatile and can be used for different lighting needs. It guarantees superior performance and durability.
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