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Double Side Tape For Banner, Hi-tac 1.5″x72yds


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  • Exceptional adhesion and durability with our highquality Double Side Tape for Banners, thanks to its superior Hitac formula.
  • The convenient width of 1.5 inches offers the perfect balance between flexibility and strength for easy installation and seamless bonding.
  • With a generous length of 72 yards, you’ll have plenty of tape to complete multiple projects without frequent replacements, saving you time and providing excellent value for money.
  • Crafted with utmost precision and expertise, our doublesided tape is built to withstand varying weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Our professionalgrade adhesive forms a strong bond on a wide range of banner industry surfaces, including fabric, vinyl, and plastic, guaranteeing a sleek and flawless presentation every time.

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Introducing our high-quality Double Side Tape for Banners: exceptional adhesion and durability, with a secure and long-lasting hold. It measures 1.5 inches wide, offering flexibility and strength for easy installation. With 72 yards of tape, it provides excellent value and saves time. Built to withstand varying weather conditions, it is reliable both indoors and outdoors. The professional-grade adhesive bonds to fabric, vinyl, and plastic for a sleek and flawless presentation.
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