D-86 Metal corner for 5-H828-2

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  • The D86 Metal Corner for 5H8282 is a highquality, durable corner piece designed specifically for the 5H8282 model, ensuring compatibility and optimal functionality.
  • Crafted from sturdy metal, this corner offers superior strength and stability, providing added reinforcement to your furniture or equipment.
  • The sleek design of this metal corner seamlessly integrates with the 5H8282, enhancing its overall aesthetics and visual appeal.
  • Trust this professionalgrade metal corner to effectively protect and support your valuable investment, ensuring longlasting performance and reliable functionality.
  • With its practical benefits and durable construction, the D86 Metal Corner for 5H8282 is a reliable choice to enhance the longevity and stability of your furniture or equipment.

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The D-86 Metal Corner is a strong and durable corner piece made of sturdy metal. It is designed specifically for the 5-H828-2 model, providing superior strength and stability. With its sleek design, it enhances the aesthetics of the 5-H828-2 while offering practical benefits. Trust this professional-grade corner to protect and support your valuable investment.
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