Ceriamic E27 socket for pole light with 10″ cable

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  • The Ceramic E27 socket for pole light is crafted from highquality ceramic material which ensures exceptional resistance to heat, moisture, and corrosion, making it suitable for various weather conditions.
  • With its 10inch cable, this socket provides ample length for versatile installation options, allowing users to easily connect with a power source without the need for additional extensions.
  • Equipped with an E27 base, this socket offers compatibility with a wide range of incandescent, LED, or CFL bulbs, enabling users to customize their lighting solutions as per their preferences or project requirements.
  • The robust construction of this socket guarantees longterm performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring a reliable lighting solution for outdoor spaces.
  • Designed for use in outdoor settings such as gardens, walkways, or driveways, the sleek design of this socket seamlessly integrates with any style or architectural setting, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the overall lighting arrangement.

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The Ceramic E27 socket for pole light is a durable and reliable accessory designed to illuminate outdoor spaces. It is made from high-quality ceramic material, making it resistant to heat, moisture, and corrosion. The socket is compatible with incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs, and the 10-inch cable provides easy connectivity without the need for extensions. It is ideal for outdoor settings and seamlessly integrates with different styles. Overall, this socket offers durability, versatility, and ease of installation for enhancing outdoor lighting solutions.
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