Aluminum Ruler (W)2 3/8″x(H)1?”x(L)30″


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  • Our Aluminum Ruler offers a sleek design and precise measurements, making it the perfect tool for all your measuring needs.
  • Crafted from highquality aluminum, this ruler ensures durability and longlasting performance, making it ideal for both professional and personal use.
  • With a width of 2 3/8 inches and a height of 1 inch, our ruler provides ample space for clear and easytoread markings, allowing for precise measurement placement.
  • Measuring at 30 inches in length, our ruler eliminates the need for multiple tools when measuring larger objects, providing convenience and accuracy in one compact tool.
  • Elevate your measuring experience with our professionalgrade Aluminum Ruler and achieve reliable and consistent results every time you use it.

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Introducing our Aluminum Ruler: sleek design, precise measurements. Width: 2 3/8 inches. Height: 1 inch. Length: 30 inches. Crafted from high-quality aluminum for durability and smooth gliding. Suitable for students, architects, DIY enthusiasts. Ample space for clear markings, precise measurement placement. Ideal for crafting, woodworking, engineering. 30-inch length for measuring larger objects. Clearly labeled inch markings for visibility and reduced errors. Lightweight design for easy carrying and storage. Reliable measurements, efficient workmanship. Elevate your measuring experience with our professional-grade ruler. Achieve precision like never before.
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