Aluminum Frame for Silicone Edge Fabric (L)3.05m*90mm (depth)*25mm (back edge) Double sided

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  • The Aluminum Frame for Silicone Edge Fabric provides a sleek and stylish solution for displaying graphics and advertisements, making it suitable for a variety of environments such as retail stores, trade shows, offices, and exhibition spaces.
  • This frame’s doublesided design allows for maximum visibility and engagement, ensuring your messages reach a wider audience. The innovative silicone edge fabric feature ensures a secure and seamless fit, providing a clean and professional look.
  • Crafted from highquality aluminum, this frame is not only lightweight but also durable, guaranteeing longlasting performance. Its stability and strength make it suitable for mounting on walls or suspending from ceilings with confidence.
  • The sleek design of this frame adds an elegant touch to any environment, enhancing the overall aesthetic and drawing attention to your promotional materials. Its understated yet sophisticated appearance is perfect for businesses seeking a professional and refined display solution.
  • The easy assembly and disassembly of this frame allow for convenience and flexibility in changing and updating graphics. With a simple installation process, you can effortlessly swap out fabric prints, ensuring that your displays always remain fresh and relevant.

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The Aluminum Frame for Silicone Edge Fabric is a versatile and stylish solution for displaying graphics. It is double-sided and designed for easy installation. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. It can be used in various settings such as retail stores, trade shows, offices, and exhibitions. The frame's sleek design adds elegance to any environment and allows for easy graphic changes. Overall, it provides a professional and convenient way to showcase visuals and make a lasting impression.
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