6PCS Hanging lines for 2X4 panel use, 1m length.

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  • Specifically designed for 2X4 panel use, these hanging lines provide a seamless and secure solution for suspending panels in various settings.
  • With 6 lines included, this set allows for easy suspension of multiple panels at once, maximizing space utilization and flexibility in arrangement.
  • Crafted with durability in mind, these highquality hanging lines ensure longlasting performance and stability for displaying your 2X4 panels.
  • In addition to their functionality, these hanging lines maintain a professional and sleek appearance, seamlessly blending into any environment.
  • Whether you are an interior designer or office manager, these 6PCS Hanging Lines are the perfect addition to elevate your space with ease and confidence.

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Introducing our 6PCS Hanging Lines designed specifically for 2X4 panels. Each line is 1 meter long, providing convenience and versatility for hanging needs. These lines are crafted to securely suspend panels, making them ideal for workspaces, storage areas, and improving aesthetics. With 6 lines included, multiple panels can be suspended at once. The 1-meter length allows for adjustable height and arrangement. Made with durable materials, these lines offer stability and a sleek appearance that blends into any space. Whether you're an interior designer or office manager, these hanging lines are a perfect addition to enhance your setup.
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