6*12MM silicone end cap blue (package:2000pcs/bag)

SKU: M-N6-Cap-B

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  • The 6*12MM silicone end cap blue is a durable and highgrade sealing solution designed to protect connectors, tubes, and pipes from contaminants such as dust and moisture.
  • With 2000 pieces per package, this silicone end cap offers a costeffective and convenient storage solution for your sealing needs.
  • The vibrant blue color not only enhances visibility but also adds an aesthetic touch to your projects.
  • Easy to install, this end cap provides a secure and tight fit, helping to maintain insulation and prevent electrical or thermal conductivity.
  • Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional in electronics, plumbing, automotive, or HVAC, this versatile silicone end cap is the ideal choice for precision sealing and protection.

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The 6*12MM silicone end cap blue is a premium quality product that provides effective sealing and protection for various applications. It is made of durable silicone material and comes in a bag of 2000 pieces for convenient storage. The end cap prevents dust, moisture, and contaminants from damaging equipment and maintains insulation. It is easy to install and suitable for DIY enthusiasts or professionals in industries such as electronics, plumbing, automotive, or HVAC. Investing in this high-quality end cap ensures confidence in the longevity and effectiveness of applications.
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Warranty1 year

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