250 Watt Balloon Blower for 13ft, 110vac


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  • The 250 Watt Balloon Blower for 13ft offers a powerful and efficient solution for quickly inflating large balloons, saving valuable time during event setup.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, this balloon blower guarantees a hasslefree inflation process, allowing you to effortlessly fill up 13ft balloons.
  • Its sturdy construction ensures continuous operation without overheating or performance issues, making it a reliable choice for any occasion.
  • With its compact design and portability, this balloon blower can easily be transported to different locations as needed, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Not only does this blower provide exceptional power, but it also operates quietly and minimizes power consumption, making it an energyefficient option that saves on electricity bills while maintaining a peaceful event environment.

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The 250 Watt Balloon Blower is a powerful and efficient device that quickly inflates large balloons for any occasion. Operating at 110VAC, it provides a reliable airflow for optimal performance. With advanced technology and high wattage capability, it rapidly fills 13ft balloons, saving setup time. It has a sturdy construction, compact design for portability, and operates quietly. It is also energy-efficient, resulting in cost savings on electricity bills. Overall, it is a reliable and powerful solution for inflating balloons for parties or events.
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