20 modules SMD3030 LED module, White, 12VDC/1.32w, Size:42*23*5mm, Angle:160?, IP65, Inject shell, 125Lm

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  • The 1pc SMD3030 LED module offers excellent brightness and energy efficiency, making it a highly effective lighting solution.
  • With its compact dimensions and low power consumption, this LED module is easy to integrate into various lighting fixtures and setups while saving energy.
  • The wide beam angle of 160° ensures uniform and ample light distribution, making it suitable for both task and ambient lighting needs.
  • The IP65 rating guarantees its dusttight and waterresistant properties, allowing for longlasting performance in outdoor or humid environments.
  • The inject shell design of this LED module provides added durability and protection against damages, enhancing its longevity and making it a costeffective lighting solution.

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The 1 dotSMD3030 LED module is a compact and high-quality lighting solution that offers excellent brightness and energy efficiency. It operates on a voltage of 12VDC and consumes just 1.32 watts of power. With its white light emission, wide beam angle of 160°, and IP65 rating, it is suitable for various applications, including outdoor or humid environments. Its inject shell design provides added durability and protection. With a luminous flux of 125 lumens, it delivers bright and vibrant lighting output. Overall, it combines superior performance, energy efficiency, and durability, making it an ideal choice for any lighting project.
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