20″ Led High Power Lightbar DC12V/13.5W, SMD3030*9, White 8000K, Beam Angle: 10*30? with lense, (L)20″x(W)1″x(H)5/8″,1620lms/bar

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  • The 20″ LED High Power Lightbar DC12V/13.5W offers superior brightness and efficiency, thanks to its SMD3030*9 LED technology that delivers exceptional illumination power.
  • With a crisp white color temperature of 8000K, this lightbar provides a cool white light that enhances visibility in any environment, making it an ideal choice for automotive, marine, and outdoor lighting applications.
  • Equipped with a specialized lens, the lightbar emits a targeted beam angle of 10*30 degrees, allowing for precise lighting in specific areas while minimizing light spillage and ensuring optimal coverage.
  • Measuring at (L)20 inches x (W)1 inch x (H)5/8 inches, this lightbar boasts a sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into any space, providing powerful illumination even in the darkest corners.
  • Operating on a DC12V power supply and consuming only 13.5 watts, this LED lightbar guarantees energy efficiency and cost savings without compromising brightness, making it an impressive lighting solution for both professional and recreational settings.

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The 20" LED High Power Lightbar DC12V/13.5W is a bright and efficient lighting solution. It uses SMD3030*9 LED technology to provide superior brightness. The lightbar has a 8000K white color temperature, offering cool white light for increased visibility. It has a specialized lens that emits a targeted 10*30 degree beam, ensuring precise lighting with minimal spillage. The lightbar is compact and measures (L)20 inches x (W)1 inch x (H)5/8 inches. It has a luminous flux of 1620 lumens per bar, making it suitable for even the darkest areas. The lightbar operates on DC12V power supply and consumes only 13.5 watts, resulting in cost savings and energy efficiency. Overall, the 20" LED High Power Lightbar DC12V/13.5W is a powerful and efficient lighting option for various professional and recreational applications.
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