2″ LED Cabinet light, 2W, 6500K, DC12V, Beam: 30?, CRI >80, 150lm, 70lm/w, High powered LED, 25000 hrs, PF>0.9, ETL Listed, CE. RoHS, Dimmable, White

SKU: 9-C2-A2-65K-D-E

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  • The 2″ LED Cabinet light is a sleek and compact lighting solution that seamlessly blends into any interior decor, making it ideal for illuminating cabinets, shelves, and other small spaces.
  • Operating at just 2 watts, this energyefficient light consumes minimal power while providing an impressive 150 lumens of bright white light, ensuring crisp and clear illumination.
  • With a high CRI of over 80, this cabinet light accurately renders colors, allowing you to see objects in their truest form. The 30degree beam angle ensures focused and precise lighting, highlighting specific areas or objects with utmost clarity.
  • Equipped with a highpowered LED, this light has a long lifespan of 25000 hours, ensuring reliable and longlasting performance. Its luminous efficacy of 70lm/w efficiently converts energy into light, minimizing wastage.
  • This light is dimmable and operates at a safe DC12V voltage requirement, making it suitable for installation in various settings. Compliance with ETL, CE, and RoHS certifications guarantees its quality, safety, and environmental friendliness.

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The 2" LED Cabinet light is a compact and efficient lighting solution for cabinets and small spaces. It consumes minimal power (2 watts) while providing bright white light (150 lumens). With a high CRI and 30-degree beam angle, it accurately renders colors and offers precise lighting. It has a long lifespan (25000 hours) and is dimmable for adjustable brightness. This light meets quality and safety certifications and has a low energy loss (power factor >0.9). Overall, it is a versatile and visually pleasing option for illuminating cabinets or display areas.
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