Wifi SPI LED 2048 pixel Controller 5~24VDC, 180mode, 12 memories

SKU: C-SP-WiFi2048


  • The Wifi SPI LED 2048 pixel Controller is compatible with a wide range of LED setups, making it a versatile choice for any lighting project.
  • With its innovative 180mode functionality, this controller allows for effortless control over the direction and orientation of your LED lights, resulting in stunning visual effects.
  • The 12 memory slots available on this controller enable you to save and recall your favorite lighting configurations, ensuring consistent and hasslefree setups every time you power on your LEDs.
  • The Wifi capability of this controller offers seamless and wireless control of your LED lights, providing convenience and flexibility. Simply connect it to your Wifi network and adjust the settings from your smartphone or other compatible devices.
  • Overall, the Wifi SPI LED 2048 pixel Controller is a gamechanger in the world of LED lighting, offering a wide voltage range, versatile functionality, and convenient Wifi control for endless possibilities in creating breathtaking lighting displays.

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The Wifi SPI LED 2048 pixel Controller is a versatile device that enhances LED lighting. It operates within a voltage range of 5 to 24 VDC, making it compatible with various LED setups. The controller's innovative 180-mode functionality allows for easy control over LED direction and orientation, creating stunning visual effects. With 12 memory slots, users can save and recall their favorite lighting configurations effortlessly. The Wifi capability enables wireless control via smartphone or other compatible devices, providing convenience and flexibility. Overall, the controller offers endless possibilities for creating breathtaking lighting displays.
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