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Wheel Tire for Vinyl Welder, outside dia.10.08cm inner dia.8.90cm width 4cm

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  • The Wheel Tire for Vinyl Welder is meticulously designed with precise dimensions to ensure a perfect fit and seamless operation during vinyl welding tasks, providing optimal functionality and durability.
  • Crafted with highquality materials, this wheel tire guarantees exceptional strength and longevity, allowing for prolonged usage without compromising on performance, ensuring reliable results every time.
  • The professional design of this wheel tire eliminates potential misalignment issues, providing smooth and accurate movement across various surfaces, resulting in stable and controlled vinyl welding processes.
  • Engineered to withstand rigorous working conditions, this wheel tire offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, maintaining its performance over time, and ensuring consistent and even pressure distribution for precise and uniform welds.
  • With its userfriendly nature, the Wheel Tire for Vinyl Welder is easy to install and integrate into existing equipment, enabling effortless replacement and maintenance, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity for professionals seeking outstanding results.

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The Wheel Tire for Vinyl Welder is a crucial component that ensures efficient performance in vinyl welding applications. With dimensions of 10.08cm outer diameter, 8.90cm inner diameter, and 4cm width, this wheel tire offers optimal functionality and durability. It is crafted with high-quality materials for exceptional strength and longevity. The professional design eliminates misalignment issues and provides smooth movement on various surfaces. It withstands rigorous conditions, resists wear and tear, and ensures even pressure for precise and uniform welds. Additionally, it is easy to install, replace, and maintain, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. Overall, it guarantees accurate performance and seamless operation for professionals in vinyl welding.
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