Water base resistant Art Canva, Matte, 450g/16oz., 1.27x12m(50″x40′)

SKU: 18-CV-FY1-50


  • The Water Base Resistant Art Canvas is a premiumgrade material that offers reliability, longevity, and exceptional performance for artists seeking a reliable and durable surface.
  • Crafted from highquality materials, this canvas weighs 450 grams and is suitable for various painting techniques, guaranteeing sturdy support for artists to bring their visions to life.
  • Standout feature: waterresistant formulation repels liquids, ensuring that artwork remains protected and unaffected even when faced with accidental spills or unexpected moisture exposure.
  • Investing in this canvas guarantees the preservation of your artwork’s quality over time, as it resists fading and deterioration caused by environmental factors, allowing vibrant colors and flawless appearance for years to come.
  • With its matte finish, substantial weight, and generous size, this canvas creates a perfect surface for artists to unleash their creativity and produce captivating and professional pieces that impress viewers and collectors alike.

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The Water Base Resistant Art Canvas is a high-quality material with a matte finish that adds sophistication to artwork. It weighs 450 grams and measures 1.27x12 meters, providing ample space for creativity. Its standout feature is water resistance, protecting art from spills and moisture. This canvas guarantees longevity and vibrant colors, making it ideal for professionals and hobbyists. Overall, it offers exceptional quality, durability, and protection for artwork.
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