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Swith for electric grommet machine EQ-EGM1

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  • The EQEGM1 Electric Grommet Machine comes with a Dimmable 2 feet by 4 feet EdgeLit LED Panel Light, providing efficient and powerful illumination for any workspace.
  • With a powerful 50W output, this highquality LED panel light emits a cool white light at 5000K, ensuring clear visibility and enhancing productivity in any environment.
  • The included driver makes installation of the LED panel light hasslefree and convenient, allowing users to quickly and easily set up the lighting solution without any additional tools or expertise required.
  • The frosted lens adds a touch of sophistication to the overall design of the EQEGM1 Electric Grommet Machine, while also providing a soft and evenly distributed light that minimizes harsh shadows and eye strain.
  • This versatile lighting solution allows the EQEGM1 Electric Grommet Machine to accommodate various lighting needs, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of workspaces, from offices and studios to workshops and retail spaces.

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The EQ-EGM1 Electric Grommet Machine is made more versatile with the addition of a Dimmable 2x4 Edge-Lit LED Panel Light. This high-quality lighting solution emits a powerful 50W cool white light at 5000K, providing efficient illumination. The included driver ensures easy installation, and the frosted lens adds sophistication while providing soft and evenly distributed light. Overall, this machine is perfect for any workspace with different lighting requirements.
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