Solid stainless steel wall frame holder 40x50mm, screw (L):22mm (Height 2″ Diam. 1?”)

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  • The Solid Stainless Steel Wall Frame Holder is designed for optimum support and style, providing a durable and reliable solution for showcasing your cherished frames.
  • With dimensions of 40x50mm, this holder accommodates a variety of frame styles and sizes, making it versatile and suitable for different display needs.
  • Crafted from solid stainless steel, this holder offers enhanced strength and resistance to corrosion, ensuring a secure and elegant display for your frames.
  • The easy installation and stability provided by the 22mm screw length and 1inch diameter make this wall frame holder both convenient and reliable.
  • Its sleek and contemporary design allows the wall frame holder to seamlessly blend with any interior decor, adding a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

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Introducing our premium quality Solid Stainless Steel Wall Frame Holder. Sturdy construction and dimensions of 40x50mm make it ideal for a variety of frame styles and sizes. Crafted from stainless steel for enhanced strength and resistance to corrosion. Easy installation with a 22mm screw length. Sleek and contemporary design that blends with any decor. Perfect for securely showcasing valuable frames.
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