Snap frame, Deluxe design 18.5″x7″(Image:15.5″x3.75″)

SKU: 2-WF96B-1907


  • The Snap frame, Deluxe design, offers a sleek and professional way to showcase your important images, with dimensions of 18.5 inches by 7 inches (image size: 15.5 inches by 3.75 inches), providing ample space for display.
  • Crafted with premium quality and enhanced aesthetics, this frame is designed to capture attention and add sophistication to any setting, whether it be retail stores, restaurants, offices, or homes.
  • With its convenient snap system, changing and replacing images is quick and hasslefree, making it a userfriendly choice for businesses and individuals seeking ease of use.
  • The Snap frame’s durable construction ensures longlasting use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Its clear protective cover shields your image from dust and damage while allowing for easy viewability.
  • The versatile size of this frame makes it compatible with a wide range of standard prints, offering flexibility in your choice of content. It is a reliable solution that combines style, functionality, and convenience.

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Introducing our Snap frame Deluxe model, measuring 18.5" x 7", with an image size of 15.5" x 3.75". It combines a sleek design with easy functionality and is suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. Ideal for retail stores, restaurants, offices, and homes, it adds professionalism and sophistication to any space. The frame's clear protective cover ensures viewability while protecting your image. Its versatile size allows for a wide range of standard prints. Overall, our Snap frame offers a stylish and functional solution for displaying important visuals.
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