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Semi automatic acrylic sheet bender (W)60cm


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  • The SemiAutomatic Acrylic Sheet Bender (W)60cm offers a wide width capacity of 60cm, providing ample space for various sheet sizes and ensuring versatility in projects.
  • Equipped with semiautomatic features, this bender enhances productivity and control, reducing operator fatigue and saving valuable time. Its userfriendly interface makes it suitable for professionals and beginners alike to achieve flawless bends, even on complex designs.
  • Crafted from topgrade materials, this acrylic sheet bender guarantees durability, stability, and reliability. Its robust construction allows for consistent bends without compromising on quality, while its sleek design adds convenience during operation and storage.
  • This advanced bender is ideal for signage, display case fabrication, and other applications requiring precise bends on acrylic sheets. It replaces manual bending methods, providing efficiency and accuracy for achieving professionalgrade results.
  • With the SemiAutomatic Acrylic Sheet Bender (W)60cm, you can effortlessly bend acrylic sheets with precision and efficiency, resulting in a flawless finish. Say goodbye to manual bending and embrace the cuttingedge technology of this tool.

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The Semi-Automatic Acrylic Sheet Bender (W)60cm is a cutting-edge tool designed for bending acrylic sheets. It has a width capacity of 60cm, making it versatile for different sheet sizes. The bender is equipped with semi-automatic features that enhance productivity and control. It is made from top-grade materials for durability and stability. This advanced bender is suitable for various applications involving acrylic sheets and provides precise bends for a professional finish.
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