PVC Board, Black, 4’x8’x1/2″, (1.22×2.44mx12mm), Density: 0.55g/cm3



  • The PVC Board offers a standard size of 4 feet by 8 feet and a thickness of 1/2 inch, providing ample surface area for various projects and designs.
  • Engineered to ensure optimal strength and stability, this PVC board is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile in applications.
  • With a density of 0.55g/cm3, this PVC board strikes a balance between lightweight handling and sturdy durability, making it easy to install while still offering longlasting performance.
  • Manufactured using highquality materials, the PVC board exhibits exceptional resistance to moisture, impact, and chemicals, making it an ideal choice for projects requiring protection against harsh elements or chemical exposure.
  • Conveniently expressed in metric measurements of 1.22 meters by 2.44 meters, with a thickness of 12mm, this PVC board ensures compatibility and ease of use for international projects or those following metric standards.

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The PVC board is a versatile and durable material that provides excellent performance in various applications. It has a sleek black color for an elegant touch. It comes in a standard size of 4'x8'x1/2" and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a density of 0.55g/cm3, it is lightweight yet sturdy. The board is manufactured using high-quality materials, ensuring resistance to moisture, impact, and chemicals. Its dimensions are also expressed in metric measurements for international projects. Overall, this PVC board offers strength, versatility, and professional appearance for construction, signage, and other applications.
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