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Poli 12VDC 80W Waterproof LED Power Supply 120VAC Input IP67

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  • The Outdoor Power Supply converts a standard 110VAC power source into a safe and reliable 12VDC output, providing sufficient energy for various outdoor applications.
  • Equipped with advanced technology and multiple protections, including overcurrent, overvoltage, and shortcircuit safeguards, this power supply ensures the safety of connected devices and prevents potential damage.
  • The compact design and durability of the power supply allows for easy installation and portability, making it ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather conditions.
  • This power supply is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications such as outdoor lighting systems, security cameras, and access control systems, offering versatility in usage.
  • With its high power rating of 80 Watts and maximum current capacity of 5 Amps, the Outdoor Power Supply provides a dependable and efficient solution for converting a 110VAC power source to a 12VDC output for outdoor applications.

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The Outdoor Power Supply is a reliable and safe device that converts 110VAC power into a 12VDC output. With a power rating of 80 Watts and a maximum current capacity of 5 Amps, it can power various outdoor applications. It has multiple protections to ensure device safety and a compact, durable design for easy installation and portability. Suitable for outdoor lighting systems, security cameras, access control systems, and more, it offers versatility with its 12VDC output voltage. Overall, it provides a dependable power source for outdoor applications.
Color Temperature,,,,
IP RatingIP67
Warranty1 year

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