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Plastic mirror sheet/Silver 48″x72″ (1.22mX1.83mX1.5mm)w/adhesive


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  • The Plastic Silver Mirror Sheet with Adhesive is a highquality and durable product, crafted from durable plastic material and featuring a silver coating for exceptional clarity and distortionfree reflections.
  • With its convenient dimensions of 48 inches by 72 inches and a thickness of 1.5mm, this mirror sheet is versatile and suitable for custom cutting or shaping to achieve the desired size or design for your specific project.
  • The adhesive backing of this mirror sheet ensures easy installation and allows for effortless attachment to different surfaces, making it a practical choice for both residential and commercial use.
  • This mirror sheet can be used for various applications, including interior decoration, enhancing furniture, creating stunning wall displays, or adding an elegant touch to mirrors and picture frames. It is also suitable for creative DIY projects, arts and crafts, and functional components in automotive or architectural applications.
  • In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this mirror sheet offers durability and longevity, with resistance to breakage, scratches, and discoloration. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to handle and transport, while maintaining a pristine appearance over time.

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The Plastic Silver Mirror Sheet with Adhesive is a high-quality and versatile product. It measures 48 inches by 72 inches (1.22m x 1.83m) with a thickness of 1.5mm. The mirror sheet has a silver coating that provides exceptional clarity and distortion-free reflections. It also has an adhesive backing for easy installation on different surfaces. This mirror sheet is ideal for interior decoration, DIY projects, arts and crafts, automotive or architectural applications. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to breakage, scratches, and discoloration. Overall, this mirror sheet is a professional and sleek solution for reflective needs in various settings.
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