Pixel pitch(mm): 2.604, Each module: 1/2m 20inx20in, (Config: 3in1(2121), Pixel density/cabinet:192*192/dots/m?:147456/dots, Cabinet Size(mm): 500*500*64m/Cabinet material: Die-casting Aluminum 6kg

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  • The LED display system features a pixel pitch of 2.604mm, resulting in highresolution and sharp visual output for a crystalclear viewing experience.
  • Each module of the display measures 1/2m or 20 inches square, providing flexibility in arranging the display panel to meet specific layout requirements.
  • The configuration is set to 3in1(2121), offering vibrant and vivid colors that enhance the overall visual impact of the display.
  • With a pixel density of 192×192 dots per square meter, the cabinet delivers an impressive 147,456 dots, ensuring exceptional picture quality and clarity for all types of content.
  • Designed with a lightweight yet sturdy DieCasting Aluminum material, the cabinet size of 500x500x64mm weighs approximately 6kg, allowing for easy installation and ensuring durability in various environments.

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The LED display system has a pixel pitch of 2.604mm and a module size of 1/2m or 20 inches square, providing high-resolution visuals and flexibility in arrangement. The configuration is set to 3in1(2121) for vibrant colors. With a pixel density of 192x192 dots per square meter, the cabinet delivers 147,456 dots for clear imagery. The cabinet size is 500x500x64mm, made of lightweight yet sturdy Die-Casting Aluminum, weighing around 6kg for easy installation and durability. Overall, this LED display system offers exceptional picture quality, module arrangement versatility, and a durable construction suitable for various professional applications.
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