Non-Adh. PP Synthetic Paper, Gloss, 0.15mm/6mil, 0.914x30m(36″x100′)

SKU: 18-BS150GN-36


  • The NonAdhesive PP Synthetic Paper offers excellent performance and durability for various applications, making it a reliable choice for professionals.
  • With its glossy finish, this paper adds a touch of professionalism to any project, ensuring that your work stands out.
  • Measuring at 0.15mm or 6mil in thickness, this synthetic paper strikes the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, making it ideal for frequent use without tearing or wearing out easily.
  • The convenient size of 0.914x30m (36 inches x 100 feet) ensures that you have an ample supply for your printing or designing needs, whether you are creating banners, posters, or signage.
  • The nonadhesive feature allows for effortless handling and application, as you can easily cut the paper into desired shapes or sizes without worrying about sticky residues or adhesives. This makes it an excellent choice for crafts, presentations, or any project that requires precision.

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The Non-Adhesive PP Synthetic Paper is a versatile material with a glossy finish that adds professionalism to any project. It is durable and flexible, measuring at 0.15mm or 6mil thick, making it ideal for frequent use. The roll comes in a convenient size of 0.914x30m (36 inches x 100 feet), providing ample supply for printing or designing needs. Its non-adhesive feature allows for easy handling and application, making it perfect for crafts, presentations, or precision projects. Overall, this synthetic paper is a superior canvas for creative endeavors, suitable for professionals and enthusiasts.
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