Lutron Caseta Switch & Remote-Wireless Control | 3-Way Switch | Compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant | P-PKG1WS-WH | White



  • The Lutron Caseta Switch & RemoteWireless Control allows you to control your lights wirelessly, providing convenience and flexibility in adjusting your lighting from anywhere in your home.
  • With its sleek white design, this switch seamlessly blends into any home decor, ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of your living space.
  • In addition to manual control through the included remote, this switch can be easily controlled through your smartphone, eliminating the need to fumble for switches in the dark or navigate a pitchblack room.
  • Advanced features like scheduling allow you to automate your lighting, saving energy and ensuring that lights are only on when needed.
  • Compatible with other Lutron products, this switch offers the opportunity to expand your smart home setup and incorporate additional smart devices, such as shades and thermostats, into your automation ecosystem.

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The Lutron Caseta Switch & Remote-Wireless Control is a versatile and convenient solution for wireless control of lights. It seamlessly integrates with popular voice assistants and offers easy installation. The switch allows control from anywhere using a remote or smartphone, with advanced features like scheduling. It is also compatible with other Lutron products for expanding your smart home setup. Overall, it provides a reliable and user-friendly way to enhance home automation.
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