LED outdoor message display 28.5″x16″(72x40cm) Red+Blue, 2 modules

SKU: 6-TP29x16-RB


  • Highquality and durable signage solution measuring 28.5 inches in width and 16 inches in height (72x40cm).
  • Eyecatching combination of red and blue LEDs guarantees to grab attention.
  • Consisting of 2 modules, this display offers the perfect platform to convey important and informative messages.
  • Professional design ensures a sleek and modern appearance, adding sophistication to any outdoor setting.
  • LED technology guarantees clear and vibrant visuals, ensuring easy readability from a distance.

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The LED outdoor message display is a 28.5x16 inch signage solution with red and blue LEDs. It consists of 2 modules and effectively communicates important messages. Its professional design and LED technology ensure clear visuals from a distance. The display is concise and efficient, making it suitable for business or informational purposes in any outdoor space.
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