LED hang type engraving sign bar110Vac, (L)24″, without acrylic board



  • Operates at 110VAC, ensuring optimal illumination for clear and visible signage in various indoor settings.
  • The 24inch length of this LED hangtype engraving sign bar makes it suitable for a wide range of indoor spaces.
  • This model does not include an acrylic board, providing flexibility for personalized signage options to convey important information effectively.
  • Designed to deliver visually appealing signage with clear and crisp messages to captivate audiences.
  • A professional and concise choice for businesses seeking to convey important information in a visually striking manner.

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This is a 24-inch LED hang-type engraving sign bar that operates at 110VAC. It provides optimal illumination and is suitable for indoor settings. It does not come with an acrylic board, allowing for personalized signage. It conveys important information clearly and visually.
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