LED hang type engraving sign bar110Vac, (L)20″, without acrylic board



  • The LED hang type engraving sign bar is designed to provide a professional and eyecatching display, making it an excellent choice for businesses or personal use.
  • Operating on 110VAC, this sign bar ensures optimal performance and longevity, delivering bright and vivid illumination with its highquality LED lights.
  • With a length of 20 inches, there is ample space to convey your desired message or information effectively, allowing you to promote products, showcase important details, or create an inviting ambience.
  • Customizable without an acrylic board, the sign bar provides flexibility to meet specific requirements, making it a versatile solution for a variety of signage needs.
  • Easy to install and lightweight, this sign bar can be conveniently hung and adjusted to suit your preferred height and viewing angle, seamlessly blending into any setting and adding a touch of professionalism and sophistication.

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The LED hang type engraving sign bar is a professional and eye-catching display for business or personal use. It operates on 110VAC and has a length of 20 inches, providing ample space for messages. It does not come with an acrylic board, allowing customization. The sign bar is durable, has high-quality LED lights for bright illumination, and is easy to install and adjust. It adds professionalism and sophistication to any setting. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient signage solution for both commercial and personal use.
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