LED hang type engraving sign bar110Vac, (L)16″, without acrylic board



  • The LED Hang Type Engraving Sign Bar is a versatile signage solution designed for professional and informative displays in various settings such as retail stores, restaurants, and offices.
  • With its 110VAC power source, this sign bar guarantees reliable operation and bright illumination, ensuring your messages and information are effectively conveyed.
  • Measuring at a length of 16 inches, this sign bar is perfectly sized to fit different spaces without overwhelming the surroundings, making it an excellent choice for creating an elegant and modern ambiance.
  • The sign bar does not include an acrylic board, providing you with the freedom to customize your display to suit your specific needs. Whether you choose to engrave your own message or add other materials, this flexibility ensures a unique and personalized signage experience.
  • Equipped with energyefficient LED technology, this sign bar offers exceptional brightness while maintaining low power consumption, ensuring longlasting performance without compromising on environmental sustainability. Its attentiongrabbing illumination combined with a sleek design creates an impactful and visually appealing display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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The LED Hang Type Engraving Sign Bar is a versatile signage solution with reliable operation and bright illumination. It measures 16 inches in length, making it suitable for various spaces. The sign bar has a sleek and minimalist design, allowing for customization. It uses energy-efficient LED technology for brightness and sustainability. It is perfect for retail stores, restaurants, offices, and more, creating impactful and visually appealing displays.
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