Led Clock w/ temperature with Metal Box 8″ Red 34″x14″x3″ Outdoor


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  • The LED Clock with Metal Box is an ideal addition to any outdoor setting, offering a clear and visible 8inch red LED display even from a distance.
  • With its sleek metal box construction, this clock provides optimum protection against various weather conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in outdoor use.
  • This clock not only displays the time, but also includes a temperature feature, allowing users to stay informed about realtime updates on the outdoor climate without the need for additional devices.
  • The combination of innovative technology and a professional aesthetic makes our LED Clock with Metal Box a versatile choice for any outdoor environment. The bright red LED digits ensure accurate timekeeping day or night, while the metal box adds elegance and durability.
  • Whether for outdoor events, sports activities, or any other outdoor setting, our LED Clock with Metal Box offers the perfect balance between functionality, style, and endurance. Invest in this clock to elevate your outdoor experience with its informative and reliable design.

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Introducing our LED Clock with Metal Box, featuring an 8-inch red LED display for clear visibility. The metal box provides protection against various weather conditions. Measuring 34x14x6 inches, it is noticeable yet unobtrusive. It includes a temperature feature and combines innovative technology with a professional aesthetic. Perfect for outdoor events, sports activities, and more. Elevate your outdoor experience with this reliable and stylish clock.
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