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LED ceiling spot light, 85~260VAC/7x1watt, Dia.2.95″/4.23″, White


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  • The 7W LED Ceiling Spot Light 5000K is a versatile lighting solution suitable for both residential and commercial settings, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.
  • With its sleek and modern design, this compact ceiling spot light can be easily installed in tight spaces or low ceilings without compromising on performance or aesthetics.
  • Operating at a voltage range of 85~260VAC, this LED spot light ensures a steady and reliable power supply, making it suitable for use in various countries and regions.
  • The 5000K color temperature of this LED spot light creates a cool white light that is ideal for task lighting or areas where clarity and concentration are essential.
  • With its long lifespan and energyefficient nature, the LED technology used in this ceiling spot light offers significant cost savings over time, making it a smart and sustainable lighting choice.

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The 7W LED Ceiling Spot Light 5000K is a sleek and modern lighting solution for residential and commercial spaces. It operates at a voltage range of 85~260VAC and has seven high-quality 1-watt LEDs, providing bright illumination while consuming minimal energy. Its compact size makes it suitable for tight spaces or low ceilings. The 5000K color temperature creates a cool white light ideal for task lighting. The LED technology ensures a long lifespan and energy efficiency. Overall, this spot light offers functionality, efficiency, and style for well-lit and inviting spaces.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
Finish ColorWhite

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