FINAL SALE – Limited 30-day Warranty-Price Drop %- 15 – 14″ UL square under ceiling light, 25watt/120Vac, Color:5000k/1800Lm, PF>0.95;CRI>80


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  • The 14″ Square Under Ceiling Light is a ULcertified lighting solution designed for both residential and commercial settings, guaranteeing superior quality and safety compliance.
  • With a 5000K color temperature, this square light emits a cool and crisp white light that enhances visibility and creates an inviting atmosphere.
  • Boasting an impressive brightness of 1800 lumens, this 25watt light fixture ensures optimal brightness while consuming minimal energy, offering both efficiency and high performance.
  • Equipped with a high power factor and a color rendering index (CRI) above 80, this under ceiling light delivers unparalleled performance, minimizing power consumption and providing accurate color representation.
  • Perfect for various locations such as kitchens, hallways, living rooms, and offices, the 14″ Square Under Ceiling Light can be effortlessly installed and offers a modern design that combines energy efficiency, aesthetics, and functionality.

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Introducing the 14" Square Under Ceiling Light, a sleek and modern UL-certified lighting solution suitable for residential and commercial spaces. With a 5000K color temperature and 1800 lumens of brightness, this light provides optimal visibility and creates an inviting atmosphere. It consumes minimal energy and has a high power factor and color rendering index for exceptional performance. Installation is easy in various locations, and its UL certification ensures both quality and safety compliance. Upgrade your lighting system with this energy-efficient and stylish solution for excellence in lighting design.
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