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Feit Electric 150W LED/500W incandescent Wall Panel Dimmer w/ On/Off Switch, Slide Dimmer, Dimming Indicator, and Fine Tune Button

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  • The Feit Electric Wall Panel Dimmer offers seamless control over a wide range of modern lighting fixtures, accommodating both LED and incandescent lighting systems.
  • With its ability to handle up to 150 watts of LED lighting and 500 watts of incandescent lighting, this dimmer ensures compatibility with various types of lighting, providing flexibility for different lighting needs.
  • The dimmer features a convenient slide switch for effortless adjustment of lighting intensity, along with an integrated dimming indicator for easy monitoring and finetuning of brightness levels according to personal preferences.
  • With the inclusion of a fine tune button, users can achieve precise adjustments and create the perfect ambiance in any room, allowing for personalized and tailored lighting experiences.
  • The Feit Electric Wall Panel Dimmer combines functionality and flexibility, making it a professionalgrade choice for enhancing the lighting ambiance in your home. Its intuitive controls and ability to handle different types of lighting make it an exceptional solution for managing your home lighting effectively.

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The Feit Electric Wall Panel Dimmer is a versatile and intuitive solution for managing home lighting. It can handle up to 150 watts of LED lighting and 500 watts of incandescent lighting, making it compatible with a wide range of fixtures. The slide switch and dimming indicator allow for easy adjustment of lighting intensity, while the fine tune button enables precise adjustments for personalized lighting experiences. Overall, this dimmer offers functionality, flexibility, and the ability to enhance your home's lighting ambiance.
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