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Cold Laminator 54″ silicone rollers with low temperature 65?C 110Vac.


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  • The Cold Laminator 54″ with silicone rollers offers low temperature capabilities, allowing for laminating at a temperature as low as 65°C, ensuring the safety and integrity of sensitive materials.
  • With a generous 54inch width, this Cold Laminator provides ample space to laminate larger materials, making it perfect for print shops, graphic design studios, and businesses requiring highquality lamination.
  • The silicone rollers of this Cold Laminator ensure smooth and even lamination while operating at a low temperature, preventing damage to delicate materials and maintaining the integrity of your documents and visuals.
  • Operating this Cold Laminator is userfriendly and intuitive, with adjustable temperature and speed settings for precise and accurate results. The transparent safety shield provides protection while allowing a clear view of the lamination process.
  • Made from durable materials and featuring a compact design for easy storage, the Cold Laminator 54″ is built to last and offers longlasting performance, making it an essential tool for professionals looking to achieve impeccable laminating results.

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Introducing our latest innovation, the Cold Laminator 54" with silicone rollers. This machine offers low temperature capabilities, operating at just 65°C. Designed for professional use, it has a 54-inch width for laminating larger materials. The silicone rollers ensure smooth lamination and protect sensitive materials. The machine is user-friendly with adjustable temperature and speed settings. It has a transparent safety shield and is made from durable materials. Overall, this Cold Laminator is perfect for achieving impeccable laminating results in any professional setting.
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