Clear casted acrylic sheet 4’x8’x0.5″(1220x2440x12mm), Paper protection

SKU: B-A-12mm


  • The Clear Casted Acrylic Sheet with dimensions 4’x8’x0.5″ (1220x2440x12mm) provides ample surface area and thickness for a wide range of decorative and functional projects, ensuring strength and stability.
  • This transparent acrylic sheet is casted using highquality materials, guaranteeing exceptional clarity and durability for longlasting use.
  • With paper protection on both sides, this acrylic sheet is safeguarded against potential scratches and damage during handling or transportation, ensuring a flawless end result.
  • Ideal for signage, displays, architectural elements, and artistic creations, this clear casted acrylic sheet offers excellent light transmission and visual impact, enhancing the quality of your designs.
  • The durable nature of acrylic ensures resistance to yellowing, providing longlasting clarity for years to come, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

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The Clear Casted Acrylic Sheet is a high-quality transparent sheet with dimensions of 4'x8'x0.5" (1220x2440x12mm). It offers durability and exceptional clarity for a wide range of applications. It comes with paper protection on both sides to prevent scratches during handling and transportation. This versatile sheet is suitable for signage, displays, architectural elements, and artistic creations. Its transparency enhances light transmission and its durability ensures long-lasting clarity.
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