Black Friday 15%–Wall or ceiling light box 24″x12″, Support tube:(H)6″, w/o plastic sheet & lighting


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  • The Wall or Ceiling Light Box measures 24 inches in width and 12 inches in height, providing the perfect size for both wall and ceiling installations.
  • With a sturdy support tube measuring 6 inches in height, this light box offers reliable support and stability for your customization needs.
  • This light box does not include a plastic sheet or lighting components, allowing you the freedom to choose and install your own lighting fixtures or utilize natural light sources.
  • Its sleek and professional design makes this light box ideal for illuminating spaces in an informative and visually appealing manner, suitable for commercial spaces, offices, or residential settings.
  • Please note that this product includes the light box and support tube only, offering a blank canvas for customization while exuding professionalism and creating an engaging atmosphere in any room.

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The Wall or Ceiling Light Box is a 24x12 inch box that can be installed on either a wall or ceiling. It comes with a sturdy 6 inch support tube. The box does not come with a plastic sheet or lighting components, allowing for customization and versatility. It is suitable for commercial, office, and residential settings. The box and support tube are included, but the plastic sheet and lighting elements are not. Overall, it creates a sleek and professional look and can help create an engaging atmosphere.
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