Black Friday 15%–Oval face hanging type light box 91x40cm 110Vac


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  • The Oval Face Hanging Type Light Box is a stylish and sophisticated lighting solution suitable for various settings.
  • Operating on 110VAC, this light box offers a reliable and energyefficient lighting option with highquality materials and components for longlasting performance.
  • With its ample size and bright and uniform light distribution, this light box is ideal for illuminating signs, posters, artwork, or any visual display, ensuring maximum visibility and attentiongrabbing effect.
  • The unique oval shape of this light box creates a focal point and enhances the overall aesthetics of any environment, effortlessly complementing both modern and traditional interior styles.
  • Despite its compact size of 91x40cm, this light box delivers optimal brightness, making it perfect for smaller spaces or as part of a larger display. It is a professional and concise lighting solution for any space.

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The Oval Face Hanging Type Light Box is a professional and stylish lighting solution measuring 91x40cm. It operates on 110VAC and offers reliable and energy-efficient lighting. The hanging type feature allows for easy installation, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications. Its ample size provides ample lighting coverage and the bright and uniform light distribution ensures maximum visibility. The oval shape creates a unique focal point that complements any environment, and its compact dimensions make it perfect for smaller spaces or as part of a larger display. Overall, this light box offers a combination of style, functionality, and efficiency.
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