A type floor display 34.65″x57.5″ (32.25″x46.5″x2″)

SKU: 2-A32


  • The A type floor display offers a spacious yet compact design, allowing you to showcase your products while maximizing floor space utilization.
  • Constructed with highquality materials, this floor display ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for retail stores, trade shows, and exhibitions.
  • Customize the A type floor display according to your branding requirements, accommodating a wide range of products and marketing collateral.
  • Effortless assembly and disassembly make this floor display a convenient and portable solution for showcasing your products at various locations.
  • The informative and visually appealing design of the A type floor display effectively communicates your brand message, driving increased visibility and sales.

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The A type floor display is a durable and sleek showcase for products or promotional materials. It has compact dimensions but provides ample space for displaying items. It is customizable and can accommodate various products. The display is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it portable. It effectively communicates your brand message and enhances visibility and sales. Overall, it is a functional and visually appealing marketing tool.
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