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7 Color remote Controller for Light Roll


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  • The RC 7 Color remote Controller for Light Roll 6500K allows you to effortlessly adjust the ambiance of any room or space with its 7 color options, giving you complete control over your lighting system.
  • Designed for use with the Light Roll, this remote controller ensures hasslefree installation and seamless compatibility, providing superb illumination with an impressive 6500K daylight color temperature.
  • The intuitive interface of this remote controller allows users of all expertise levels to navigate its functions effortlessly, while its sleek design and ergonomic layout add a professional and modern touch to your lighting setup.
  • Key functions include dimming or brightening lights to your preferred intensity, selecting individual colors, and activating automatic colorchanging modes, offering a range of operational settings to customize your lighting experience according to your mood and preferences.
  • The RC 7 Color remote Controller for Light Roll 6500K is an essential component for residential and commercial environments, offering a sophisticated and dynamic lighting solution with its extensive features, userfriendly interface, and seamless compatibility.

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The -RC 7 Color remote Controller for Light Roll 6500K enhances your lighting experience with its convenient features and complete control. It offers 7 color options to easily adjust the ambiance of any room. It is designed for use with the Light Roll, ensuring hassle-free installation and compatibility. The remote controller has an intuitive interface and sleek design for easy navigation and a professional appearance. Key functions include dimming/brightening lights, selecting colors, and activating automatic color-changing modes. It is suitable for residential and commercial environments.
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