18GA Auto Wire Red 100FT

SKU: CA1-18R


  • The 18GA Auto Wire Red 100FT is a topquality wire designed specifically for automotive applications, guaranteeing optimal performance.
  • With its 18gauge measurement, this wire is capable of handling high electrical currents, making it suitable for various vehicle systems.
  • The vibrant red color of this wire not only ensures easy identification but also adds a touch of sleekness to your wiring setup.
  • The 100FT length of this wire provides ample flexibility and convenience during installation, accommodating different wiring configurations without the need for splicing or extensions.
  • Constructed with sturdy insulation, this wire offers protection against abrasion, heat, and moisture, ensuring longlasting functionality even in challenging environments.

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The 18GA Auto Wire Red 100FT is a high-quality wire designed for automotive applications. It can handle high electrical currents and has a vibrant red color for easy identification. With a length of 100FT, it offers flexibility and convenience during installation without the need for splicing or extensions. The wire is constructed with durable insulation to protect against abrasion, heat, and moisture. It meets industry standards and offers excellent conductivity for efficient power transfer. The packaging provides all necessary details for easy selection. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile solution for automotive wiring.
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