12V battery holder, 1 pc A23, 1.370″ x 0.516″ x 0.484″/3.48cm x 1.31cm x 1.23cm

SKU: E-BH12V-Mini


  • The 12V battery holder is designed to perfectly fit one A23 battery, providing a reliable and stable power source for a variety of devices.
  • With dimensions of approximately 1.370″ x 0.516″ x 0.484″ (or 3.48cm x 1.31cm x 1.23cm), this compact battery holder easily integrates into electronic systems or devices with limited space.
  • Designed for secure and stable connection, the battery holder ensures a consistent power supply for your equipment, eliminating potential disruptions or malfunctions.
  • The professional build quality of the battery holder guarantees safety and durability, offering a longlasting and dependable solution for powering your devices.
  • By accommodating the A23 battery, this efficient battery holder provides an effective and efficient power solution, making it ideal for various applications in different industries.

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The 12V battery holder is designed for one A23 battery, measuring approximately 1.370" x 0.516" x 0.484" (or 3.48cm x 1.31cm x 1.23cm). It securely holds and connects the battery, providing reliable power for various devices. Its compact size allows for easy integration into limited space electronic systems or devices. The holder is professionally built, offering a safe and durable solution for powering equipment.
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