Calibrate your lighting and transmit specific instructions to adjust your fixtures using state-of-the-art lighting controls. Control or alter the way your fixture works using dimmers, CCT controllers, RGB controllers, amplifiers, motion sensors, timers, and chase controllers.

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2 Channel RF touch temperature remote controller, 12~24Vdc, 288w/12V


3 channel Bluetooth controller, 12Vdc/144watt, 20m remote distance, IOS version 4, Andriod version 6 or above, Bluetooth 4.3 or above


3 Channel RF touch remote controller, 288w12, 576w/24Vdc


3 Channel RGB RF touch remote controller, 5~24Vdc, 288w/12V(576w/24V)


4 Channel (RGB+W) RF touch remote controller, 5~24Vdc, 288w/12V(576w/24V), control distance 20~30m


4 Channel RGBW 12~24VDC romote controller, 192W/12V(4 Ch.), 384W/24V(4 Ch.)


5-24VDC, Detecting Angle: 140?, Detecting Distance: 5-7m, Service Time: >80000h, Output Current: 4A


Connector for Chase strip light


Detecting Angle: 140?, Detecting Distance: 5m, Service Time: >80000h


Full color 3 Channel touch pannel 12~24VDC Dimmer, 12VDC/144W(72W*3), 24VDC/288W(144*3)


High speed power amplifier (4 channel) DC5-24V, 8amps


Infra Red 1 Channel 5~24VDC human body sensor switch, 12VDC/96W, 24VDC/192W, Induction distance:5~8m, Angle:120?


Infra Red 1 Channel 5~24VDC human body sensor wall mount switch, 12VDC/96W, 24VDC/192W, Induction distance:5~8m, Angle:120?


IR Signal 4 channel Remote Controller, 6A/DC12/72W, 10 meters


LED 5~24VDC RGB Power Amplifier, 12VDC/288W, 24V/576W, Series Function, BLACK


LED Amplifier 12-24VDC, DC12/108W, 24V/216W


LED Controller Amplifier 8A*3CH, 12-24VDC, DC12/288W, 24V/576W, Series Function


LED Mini Amplifier For RGB 72 Watts, DC5V-24V


Onboard 3 Channel Controller 12VDC/180W


Onboard 3 Channel Controller, 12VDC/288W, Chasing and Speed Modes


Onboard 5 Channel Timer 12VDC/240W


Onboard In-Line 3 Channel Controller, 12V/72W~24V144W, works with 5V


Outdoor RGB Controller 6 Keys DC12~24V; 4A*3Chs;c144w(12V)/ 288w(24V) IR Remote ? 10 meters


Output power: 12V<144W, 24V<288W Waterproof RGB Controller With Remote


Remote controller for Chase light 12Vdc/324watt


RGB Controller DC12~24V; 3A*3Chs;c108w(12V)/ 216w(24V) RF Touch Remote


RGB Controller DC12~24V; 4A*3Chs;c144w(12V)/ 288w(24V) RF Touch Remote


RGB RF 15 button remote Controller/Master DC12V/4A*3/144W, DC24V/4A*3/288W, Work with Sub control synchronized


RGB RF remote controller, 5~24Vdc, 216w/12V(432w/24V), 44 key controller


RGB RF Sub Controller work synchronized with #C-R144/Mr, DC12V/4A*3/144W, DC24V/4A*3/288W


Waterproof RGB Amplifier, 12VDC/144W, 24VDC/288W, 5~24DVC


Working temperature: -20-60 ? Working voltage: DC5V-24V Static power consumption: <1W Max. output current: <16A Max. output power: 384W/24V Connect mode: common anode External dimension: L83mm*W79mm*H33mm Delay time: 20ns


Working temperature?-20-60 ? Supply voltage: DC5V -24V Size: L120*W62*H24 mm Package size: L185*W145*H52mm Net weight: 220g Gross weight: 314g Output: 2 channel Output current : <8A(each channel) Static power consumption : <1W