What is an LED retrofit?

An LED retrofit is replacing traditional lighting technology to LED technology.

It has been extremely popular in recent times due to the huge benefits that seemingly come with no consequences. The cost of LEDs have rapidly reduced the past several years. Most companies switching to LEDs will see up to a 70% decrease in energy costs instantly. It is an easy cost-saving solution for property managers with any size facility, warehouses, parking lots, parking garages, and offices.

The Crazy Benefits Of An LED Retrofit

LED retrofits can dramatically reduce operating and maintenance costs up to 70%, increase employee efficiency, and extend work hours due to increased lighting. There are many local and national associations subsidizing LED retrofits currently making this year the best time to do it.

  1. Energy savings: Reduce your energy bill by 70% instantly. A 300 watt LED fixture replaces a 1000 watt traditional fixture with zero loss in illumination. Business executives can easily increase bottom-line growth with an led retrofit.
  2. ROI (Payback time): Our usual led retrofit projects takes 2-4 years to completely payback using just energy and maintenance costs. The payback period includes cost of lighting fixtures and installation. That is a 25~50% ROI (return-on-investment) rate.
  3. Maintenance savings: Fluorescent and HID (metal halide, mercury vapor) lamps are nearing the end of their 10,000 to 20,000 hour lifetime. At the cost of replacing one fixture to the same technology, it is worth it for you to retrofit an led fixture. Some facilities we deal with have an on-site maintenance team dedicated to supporting the existing lighting incurring huge unnecessary costs.
  4. Lighting Quality: LEDs have no flicker, buzz, hum, or warm-up periods. They last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, are unaffected by cold temperatures, have excellent color rendering, contain zero mercury or hazardous substances, and illuminate 3-4 times more than traditional lighting.
  5. Employee Efficiency: Lighting quality will have direct correlation with a more efficient workforce. A dim work setting may cause incorrect identification of products, errors when picking and packing, and feeling of no supervision. A properly lit work area will promote activity, improve visibility, extend work hours, create a positive attitude, and reduce drowsiness.
  6. Subsidized Support: Many government and private energy organizations are helping businesses switch to LED by offering rebates. Our team will make sure any project done with us will apply for all available rebates in order to reduce the cost of your project as much as possible.

Sign Me Up! Where Do I Start?

After a lighting survey is done, you will able to see a cost analysis of the proposed LED retrofit. Here is an actual sample lighting survey measuring ROI. As you can see, this client is throwing money away by the second. The proposed lighting solution has a 262% return-on-investment and would fully payback in 0.38 years.

Fill out the lighting survey form by clicking here. Our engineer will call you and visit your site if possible.

LED Retrofit Applications

Recessed Lighting LED Retrofit

Many interior spaces already have existing recessed can lights that can be replaced to LED retrofit kits or retrofit led can lights. Easily refresh your lighting in 3 minutes with the existing e27 bulb socket and slide the fixture into the can.

T8 LED Retrofit

Replacing a T8 tube is a very simple solution to reducing energy costs. There are two types of T8 led retrofit tubes, ballast-compatible and direct 110VAC.

Ballast-compatible tubes plug directly into the fluorescent fixture and immediately works. Direct 110VAC tubes will require you to unwire the existing fluorescent ballast and rewire the 110VAC directly to the tombstones. A simple 5 minute job per tube can save property managers 70% on their electrical cost.

Parking Lot LED Retrofit

Parking lots retrofits are very popular now with the introduction of new low-cost led street lights. Switching to LED  drastically reduces watt consumption, a 300W LED area light replaces a 1000W traditional fixture allowing for huge savings in energy with very minimal work.

Many cities are issuing notices to parking lots with sub-par lighting. We have had clients being sued for felonies, rapes, and even injuries such as tripping or falling on their property line. This type of situation can be prevented with proper lighting planning (photometric plan) and can be shown as proof of proper lighting during these extreme cases potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Warehouse LED retrofit

Warehouses with existing traditional light fixtures can be switched to LED easily with little to no work. The only requirement is a lift and the new light fixture. A 200 watt led highbay can replace a 700W traditional light fixture reducing huge energy consumption by 70%.

Decrease pick errors, packing errors, and improve employee efficiency with better identification of labels and aisles while saving yourself from your energy bill. For large operations, a 1% decrease in fulfillment errors can potentially mean millions of dollars. Even for growing operations, there is absolutely no reason to not future proof your business.


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