Channel Letters - Exterior Building Signs

What are channel letters?

Channel letter signs are letters or logos constructed out of metal, sometimes with lighting, to improve visibility. It is the most cost-effective signage any business can use to get more clients.

Exterior building signs advertise your business and product to thousands of individuals daily, actively increasing store traffic and growing your business revenue with minimal effort. It is by far the highest return-on-investment signage you can get for your building. Compared to hiring a 24/7 salesperson, a high-quality led channel letter sign will illuminate throughout the night and cost you significantly less.

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Letter Styles

• Front lit letters
• Backlit letters (aka: reverse channel letters, halo lit channel letters)
• Front and backlit channel letters
• Epoxy resin channel letters
• Channel letters with no lighting

Custom Work:
• Custom painted if requested
• Brushed or polished finish
• Custom letter lighting

Quality Control

Each individual channel letter goes through our rigorous quality control testing procedures before they are shipped out to our clients. To the right are some of orders being inspected in our warehouse at 1574 NW 108th Ave. Miami, FL 33172. Come visit us!

• Material check, metal sheets are free of scratches, dents, tarnishing, deformation, and all physical issues before production
• Body check, scratches, dents, tarnishing, deformation, and any other physical issues on channel letter
• Waterproofing check, electrical components fully sealed, water intrusion testing
• Lighting check, even color distribution, color accuracy, correct brightness, modules affixed with no play, 48 hour illumination test

Below is an image of our quality control procedure, after manufacturing, each letter is laid out and examined closely for any imperfections.

Our Projects


  1. Over the course of several weeks, we tested different acrylics, modules, and paints to produce channel letters that correlates to Breitling’s official company colors. #ffc72c gold and #07213f midnight blue.
  2. Custom screw holes were needed for each individual letter set as these were going into retail store fixtures of different sizes
  3. The glow required was a bold yellow that resembled the Breitling gold which required many attempts to create. We used 5000K modules paired with a 4mm yellow acrylic sheet and sunflower yellow film.
  4. Letters were constructed in acrylic with 30mm in depth in a variety of heights depending on the project.
  5. For this project we use only front-lit letters to entice buyers in a retail environment.


haagen dazs led channel letters


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  1. Fill out the order form and we will contact you or consult with a channel letter specialist at (305) 384-7550
  2. Send us your design file
  3. After confirmation, we need 1 week for production and 1 week for quality control
  4. Delivery and done!
  5. Additionally, we can apply for permits and install the letters for you

The order form allows you to send an order immediately to our team to be processed.

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